21 December 2015

A Renewed Invitation to Become a Wikiartist

Collaborate in Creating the Mediterranean Rim Wikiart Project 
This blog is an exemplary wikiart project that invites people living in the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea to be wikiartists by collaborating in creating a web-enabled peer-produced artwork.

Anyone from the 21 Mediterranean Rim countries (Spain, France, Monaco, Malta, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco) can become a wikiartist by participating.

This blog post renews the invitation to participate in this wikiart project that was started in 2008 by the artist Mel Alexenberg.

Peer Participation: Weddings and Flowers

Step 1. Send a wedding photograph from your country, the first names of the bride and groom, and the city and country in which they live. E-mail the picture as a JPG file and the information about the couple to art@wikiartists.us. The wedding pictures will be posted on this blog in the geographical order of the countries as they surround the Sea.

Step 2. Send a photograph of flowers that grow in your country as a wedding gift to a couple from another Med Rim country. E-mail the flowers as a JPG file to art@wikiartists.us. Your flower picture with the names of both of your country and the flower species will be posted with the wedding picture of the couple.

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